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The door stopper market in the world has been waiting keenly for a very long period for an efficient device to satisfactorily meet the requirement. This 'Door Stopper' is the complete answer!

The traditional system of using kick down door stoppers / holders have been for quite some time, which are not convenient to use, as the user has to bend every time to put the door stopper on hold or release position at any desirable place on its path, and it is not very effective, as it tends to loosen the grip on the floor due to various factors.

There are several types of plunger door stoppers / holders in the prior art, but none of them are ergonomically designed, and also not very user friendly. There are several (both mechanical as well as electromechanical) plunger door stoppers / holders in the market, but none of them effectively answers the requirement of holding the door conveniently.

The present invention is simply created with a vision to make a simple door stopper / holder with a design and function to make door holding a simple, convenient and pure pleasure. Research has shown that most of the people in the world are looking for simpler and basic machine or mechanical function based devices for their daily use and application.

The aim of the present invention is to make it one of the most popular plunger door holders in the world, because of its simpler, ergonomic, convenient, instant, and easy-and-ready-to-use in both design and function.

The operation of the present invention is purely manual and mechanical, and is not dependant on any electrical source of power, and provides an instant, easy, dependable, and durable solution.

We have produced and tested the present invention of 'Door Stopper' in 'Stainless Steel' and ('Unbreakable Plastic'), based on our research on the popular choice of the people. However, it can be manufactured in a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials successfully, in different quality and finish.